Tredjeplass til Syversen

Simon Wågø Syversen endte på 3. plass i finalen i andre runde av RallyX on Ice i den finske klassen RX Avademy. Han ligger også på tredjeplass sammenlagt før isbaneserien nå kommer til Norfge, nærmere bestemt Ål og Gol.


Reigning RX Academy Champion Jesse Kallio (#47) claimed victory in the second round of RX Academy on Ice at the legendary Höljes circuit in Sweden (February 10) to take the points lead.

Kallio won semi-final one to line up on pole position for the final, but it was semi-final two winner Simon-Wago Syversen (#8) – who had won the opening round of the winter series a week earlier at Östersund – who made the best start to lead on the opening lap.

Removing himself from the battle for the lead, Kallio took his compulsory joker on lap two, returning to the main circuit in third, in hot pursuit of Syversen and Joni Wiman (#31).

Syversen responded by taking his joker on the very next lap, but returned to the main circuit behind Kallio, releasing Wiman into the lead. The Finnish driver headed the field until the final lap when he also took his joker and dropped behind winner Kallio. Wiman finished second for the second race in a row and Syversen completed the podium.

Swedish crosskart racer Isak Reiersen (#70) impressed in only his second ever rallycross event and finished fourth. He fought back from a slow start in his semi-final to finish second and secure his first final start, in which he fended off the attentions of Marko Muru (#27) throughout the last race of the day.

Reigning Estonian Super1600 Champion Muru won his races in both Q1 and Q2 to be top qualifier in the Intermediate Classification. He finished third in semi-final one before then securing fifth in the final, ahead of British Rallycross Championship Supercar podium-finisher Oliver Bennett (#42) who won his race in Q2 and finished the final sixth.

RX Academy podium finisher Sami-Matti Trogen (#22) won his Q1 race but just missed out on making it into the final, he finished fourth in semi-final one ahead of RX Academy race-winner Marat Knyazev (#96).

Former French Rallycross Champion Firmin Caddedu (#62) made his first ever appearance in the RX Academy Renault Clio RS RX and was second in his Q3 race before finishing fourth in semi-final two. Former crosskart driver Jimi Kalliomaki (#95) won his race in Q3 to qualify seventh in the Intermediate Classification but had a spin in the semi-final over the famous Höljes jump and finished fifth in semi-final two.

Höljes Third: Simon-Wago Syversen

“I had a tough qualifying but made it from fifth to first in the semi. Then I made a good start in the final but the guys were just faster than me. I’m happy with my own effort, you can’t complain when they are faster. It’s really good training to race here and the level is high, you have to be on top of your game and it’s a lot of fun.”



Höljes Semi-Final 1
1 Jesse Kallio (FIN)
2 Joni Wiman (FIN)
3 Marko Muru (EST)
4 Sami-Matti Trogen (FIN)
5 Marat Knyazev (RUS)
Höljes Semi-Final 2
1 Simon-Wago Syversen (NOR)
2 Isak Reiersen (SWE)
3 Oliver Bennett (GBR)
4 Firmin Caddedu (FRA)
5 Jimi Kalliomäki (FIN)


Höljes Final Result
1 Jesse Kallio (FIN)
2 Joni Wiman (FIN)
3 Simon-Wago Syversen (NOR)
4 Isak Reiersen (SWE)
5 Marko Muru (EST)
6 Oliver Bennett (GBR)
Standings after Round Two:
1 Jesse Kallio (FIN) 64
2 Joni Wiman (FIN) 58
3 Simon-Wago Syversen (NOR) 48
4 Marko Muru (EST) 41
5 Oliver Bennett (GBR) 38
6 Isak Reiersen (SWE) 37
7 Sami-Matti Trogen (FIN) 35
8 Oliver Solberg (NOR) 30
9 Jimi Kalliomäki (FIN) 29
10 Marat Knyazev (RUS) 28
11 Firmin Caddedu (FRA) 12