Dobbeltseier til Dennis

Dennis Hauger kjørte inn til to seire og en tredjeplass i de tre løpene i det britiske F4-mesterskapet på Croft i helgen. Han avanserte dermed til tredjeplass i sammendraget og til ledelse i Rookie-cup.

Pressemelding fra Red Bull Jr. Team:

#24 Dennis Hauger (NOR – Arden Ford)
Qualifying 1: 1st – Race 1 Grid: 1st – Race 1 Result: 1st
Reverse Race 2 Grid: 6th – Race 2 Result: 3rd
Qualifying 2nd time: 1st – Race 3 Grid 1st – Race 3 Result: 1st
British F4 Championship position: 3rd – 182 points – after 15 of 30 races (1st Rookie)

#33 Jack Doohan (AUS – Arden Ford)
Qualifying 1: 12th – Race 1 Grid: 12th – Race 1 Result: DNF (Technical)
Reverse Race 2 Grid: 14th – Race 2 Result: 4th
Qualifying 2nd time: 12th – Race 3 Grid 13th – Race 3 Result: 3rd
British F4 Championship position: 4th – 164 points – after 15 of 30 races (2nd Rookie)

An absolutely incredible British F4 weekend at Croft for Dennis Hauger and Jack Doohan the two 15-year-old Red Bull Juniors. While Norwegian Hauger grabbed all the points with two wins and a third, Doohan the Australian took plenty of glory for storming drives from the back of the grid into fourth and third.

Hauger takes the double

“Yes it was just about a perfect weekend,” smiled Hauger. “Qualifying was really good, then in Race 1 I got a good start and into my grove and was almost 100% happy with the car, just some tiny details we could improve on.”

“In Race 2 I was on old tyres and that held us back but it was OK I got up from sixth to third. There were just a few small things we could look at with the car for Race 3.”

“In Race 3 I just kept my head, then we had a Safety Car so after I’d opened up a lead I lost it but I made a pretty good restart, got back in my zone and didn’t look back, didn’t think about anything else just kept it all together.”

“It was a very good weekend really and good points for the championship,” Hauger concluded with a big smile but a typically Scandinavian lack of theatrics.

Doohan does the overtaking

Technical dramas left Doohan with quite a hole to dig out of but he accomplished just that. “Yeah, I pretty much did what I could in the circumstances. Just some unfortunate things with the car early on. It started in FP2 with the car jumping in and out of the wrong ignition mode. Then it was stuck in the wrong mode in qualifying and we couldn’t work out why so to get it going at all they had to disengage the main sensor. Then it ran but only on 70% throttle and we just had a few laps to put in any time at all.”

“So the grid positions were 12th, 14th and 13th, not really what you are looking for, especially when we had so much pace. Then in Race 1 the turbo blew after the start so that was over pretty quick.”

“In Race 2 I went from 14th to fourth. I was all over Dennis for third at the end, he clearly didn’t want to give up the place. He was white lining it, we touched wheels a couple of times so it was best to let it go.”

“Then in Race 3 I did a lot of passing again, finally got third on the last lap at the last corner.”

“I don’t think I could have done more. It’s a shame that we lost a lot of points that we should have had with the pace we’ve got but it obviously also could have been worse considering the problems we had.”
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