Pressemelding: Hedda Hosås kjører for Button

Hedda Hosås er klar for nye eventyr i den elektriske serien Extreme E.

Heddea Hosås fra Voss har nå fått mulighet til å kjøre for tidligere formel 1-fører Jenson Buttons team JBXE. Hedda har tidligere vært knyttet til teamet Veloce Racing som reservefører. Nå er hun klar for dobbeltløp på Sardinia kommende helg.



Hedda Hosås looks ahead to JBXE debut

It has been quite a journey for Hedda Hosås in Extreme E so far. We caught up with the young Norwegian ahead of her debut for Jenson Button’s JBXE.

JULY 05: Hedda Hosas (NOR) / Kevin Hansen (SWE), JBXE during the Sardinia on July 05, 2022. (Photo by Andrew Ferraro / LAT Images)


Extreme E: How do you feel to be competing this week in Sardinia?
Hedda Hosås:
I am really excited to be back and taking part in the double-header this week. I’m looking forward to getting in the car and seeing what we can achieve as a team and hopefully pick up some good results.


XE: How did the chance to drive for JBXE happen?
Hosås: It was through my role at Veloce Racing, as the team’s reserve driver. They have allowed me to take part in Sardinia and it’s a great feeling. It is a great opportunity for me to get back out there and it is a chance to learn even more on track in Extreme E. I got a taste for it in NEOM at the first round and now I can’t wait to get back out there. JBXE have also shown a lot of faith in me and I am looking forward to racing this week.

XE: How have you settled into your new team?
Hosås: Everyone has been great and really welcoming. I think Kevin [Hansen] and I make a really good combination so I am excited to see how we do out on the track


XE: You started out in the series by being nominated for the rookie test, before becoming a Championship driver, then a reserve driver for Veloce Racing prior to competing for them earlier this season. You are now at JBXE – it has been quite a journey for you in Extreme E! How does that feel?
Hosås: It was a special feeling to take part in my first Extreme E race in NEOM. It was challenging as I hadn’t had as much time in the car as the others, but it was nice to get behind the wheel. It has definitely been an interesting journey with Extreme E so far, but I’ll keep doing my best and see what happens.

XE: What were your main thoughts on getting behind the wheel of the ODYSSEY 21?
Hosås: As I was stepping in for Christine [GZ] in NEOM it was perhaps not the best opportunity to show my true speed in the car. There was also quite a lot of pressure, too, as I was having to learn very quickly. I can’t wait to get out there in Sardinia and really push the car.



XE: What do you feel are the main challenges in Sardinia for the double-header and what are your overall expectations?
Hosås: The course is quite rough so it will be a difficult terrain. That makes it challenging for us, but I am really looking forward to it and will do my best. The plan for us over the course of the week is to get faster and faster, and hopefully that will lead to a positive performance and good results.

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