Karting Champions League til Rudskogen

Karting Champions League, et internasjonalt mesterskap hvor man ikke trenger å kjøpe sin egen gokart, kommer til Rudskogen den 10. til 12. mai. Mesterskapet er også på jakt etter norske førere.

Mer informasjon om opplegget, samt priser og kalender, finner du i denne pressemeldingen, samt på nettsiden til Karting Champions League.

Press release:

The Karting Champions League is the new player within the karting world where its basis,
arrive & drive, is unique for a championship. Everyone in each of the five classes races the
same kart with the same set-up, the engines are changed every weekend and for a fixed
amount per year. So the real difference is made by the driver. This is how true talent will
show. Also unique is the prize for the winner of the highest class at the end of the year: a
season in the Spanish F4 championship with MP Motorsport. Because the owner of MP
Motorsport is also the initiator of the Karting Champions League.

Henk de Jong, owner MP Motorsport: «I have been working on the idea of my own karting
championship for some time. For two reasons; firstly, my love for karting has existed for a very
long time and I wanted to do something with it. Secondly, it is a wonderful and logical step for
MP Motorsport. It’s the step that comes before F4.»

Sander Dorsman, team manager MP Motorsport: «We are delighted to be working with the
Karting Champions League. MP Motorsport is all about finding talent and supporting them to
achieve their goals. Because the winner of the Karting Champions League wins a season in
Spanish Formula 4 with us, it provides the opportunity for the winner to guarantee the step
up to formula racing.»

Founded in 1994, MP Motorsport is one of the biggest racing teams in Europe, with teams
driving in every formula class: F1 Academy, F4, Eurocup-3, FRECA, Formula 3, and Formula 2.
This forms the perfect ladder to every driver’s dream: Formula 1. The ambition is to accelerate
talent. And at both MP Motorsport and the Karting Champions League, the focus is on talent.
Young super talent will now be discovered even faster and helped to achieve their goals and

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