Oliver Solberg inviterer til løp

I disse koronatider er det virtuelle billøp som gjelder. Nå inviterer Oliver Solberg til løp på DiRT RALLY 2.0. Les mer i denne pressemeldingen:


Hello everybody!

These are difficult times for us all and I want you to know that me and my family are wishing you and your families lots of good wishes. We will get through this!

I know our routines are very different at the moment; many of us are at home and have some time to fill. We want to help you as much as we can and we have an idea…

That’s why on Monday (March 23) we are kicking off the The Solberg RACE. We invite all of our media friends, amazing sponsors and incredible fans from across the globe to compete against each other in our very own Argentina Rally on DiRT RALLY 2.0. Full details on how to take part will be revealed on Monday on my social media (@oliversolberg01) and also my father’s (@PetterSolbergWRX, @Petter_Solberg, @petterwrc03), After joining you have one week to have one go at the event.

You are only able to compete once on every stage and register one result between Monday and Friday (that doesn’t mean you can’t make a really long recce, just like the good old days, the good old, old days – even before papa was driving ?).

Argentina is one of the events I was really looking forward to and felt so sad that it has been postponed. So I thought, why don’t we just carry on? Why don’t we all go to Argentina. Virtually.

This is a really tough time for us all, but we’re here and our love of this fantastic sport didn’t change. If something good can come from this time, it’s the chance for us to bring the media as well as all our fantastic partners and fans even closer to us (you know what I mean!).

So, for now, maybe the time has come to forget the virus for a moment and focus on your set-up for Argentina. It’s going to have to be a good one to beat me, my mum and my dad.

My dad would like to talk to you as well, but he’s actually already in his recce!

This is the first time we have ever tried to do something like this and you, our friends in the media are such an important part of my new journey – and this new and a little bit unexpected adventure. If you can help to promote this that would be fantastic. We will keep you informed with lots of details about how the rally is going.