Pressemelding: Hauger klar for Jeddah

Dennis Hauger er klar for årets andre helg i Formel 2, som kjøres i Saudi Arabia til helgen. Som alltid skal det kjøres et sprintløp lørdag og et hovedløp søndag. Les mer i denne pressemeldingen fra Red Bull Junior Team.

After the intensity of the first two F2 races in Bahrain, this weekend’s battles in Jeddah should be every bit as exciting. Six Red Bull Juniors line up and after the opening weekend podiums it is victory that calls this time.


Zane Maloney ready to deal with crazy


“I’ve never raced here in Jeddah but it looks a crazy circuit,” enthuses the 19-year-old Barbadian. “Of course, it’s a street circuit so we need to get our heads around that. I’m sure that in practice it’s going to be all about building up to it and keeping it out of the wall initially. Then building on what you need to do for Qualifying.”


“I think that the important section is T4 to T10. It’s the most, I’d say, sketchy section. You need to be very precise, in fact, through the whole track you need to be very precise. Not just certain corners, for the whole track you need to be switched on.”


“The main thing to improve on from Bahrain is to put together a lap in Qualifying. We were really quick all weekend but I made a mistake in my Qualifying. So, yes, put together a lap and then hopefully be closer to the front and work from there. I’m really looking forward to it.”


Ayumu Iwasa trusts himself to do well


“It’s a very hard and tricky track,” states the 21-year-old Japanese. “Also it’s not easy to overtake even though there are few long straights. I think it’s completely different to Bahrain.”


“Most important, that’s Sector 1 for sure because Sector 1 has many corners. The approach to Sector 1 is very important in Qualifying.”


“Here the most important thing is just to push hard and trust myself. The first round didn’t go well, but I saw some improvement from my side and the team. So now we need to focus on this weekend and do our job as much as we can. And I’ll enjoy the weekend as well.”


Dennis Hauger going clean and physical for points


“It’s a really fast track,” points out the Norwegian who turns 20 on Friday. “Technical and fast which makes it really physical for the drivers.”


“I would say T4-10 is an important section and the most tricky one.”


“For us, after the first round, the important thing is to have a clean weekend without any issues, the pace was there. So just need to get those points going forward!”


Isack Hadjar can’t wait to face the challenge


“It is the track I am the most looking forward to drive at because I believe it is the most demanding one on the calendar,” states the 18-year-old Frenchman enthusiastically. “Especially due to the high-speed section in S1 so close to the walls.”


“S1 is the longest one and with the most corners to make difference, really looking forward to push the car to the limit there. T6 to T10 is just breathtaking.”


“Qualifying pace will be the main thing to improve from the first round, especially on a street circuit in which overtaking is limited.”


Enzo Fittipaldi happy to brush the walls


“Jeddah is a really fast street circuit, I really enjoy street circuits so I am very much looking forward to the race weekend,” states the 21-year-old Brazilian. “Qualifying in Jeddah is one of the highlights, it’s so fast. On a Qualifying lap you are touching the walls, on the limit, it is just an amazing feeling.”


“The most important section of the track in my opinion is the last sector. I think that there it is important, especially in the race, if you want to make some overtakes, there are the big DRS zones. So that is where you can make the moves on track, in the last sector.”


“In Bahrain, I didn’t complete Free Practice because we had some technical issues. So that’s our first goal this week, to make it through Free Practice, getting the run plan complete and as much data as possible. To be as ready as we can for Qualifying, and as well as making a step forward in Qualifying, that is another goal of ours.”


Jak Crawford ready to tough it out and get results


“It looks like a really fun track,” points out the 17-year-old American. “I’m really looking forward to the weekend. I think that it is a track that I will enjoy a lot, super high speed, not a lot of low-speed sections. It’s my first time here and my first time at a proper street course. So I am very much looking forward to the new challenge.”


“I think that probably the most important section would have to be Sector 1, that is where all the technical high-speed stuff is, really difficult to get right and needs to be really precise and you are running very close to the walls.”


“It will be a tough weekend, especially with the temperature here, it is really hot. We will have difficult races and with the track as well. It will be difficult to drive but I am very keen to get going.”


“From my side and the team’s side, I think that we can both improve in Qualifying and the race. I think that we had good race pace and if we can improve the Qualifying which I expect we will, I can work on my driving style a bit and as well we will improve the car, we will certainly get better.”


“Already in Bahrain, I think we showed really good potential, so I’m ready to show what we can do here, get to grips with the new track and run a street circuit for the first time.”


Jeddah weekend schedule – all times AST (Arabia Standard Time – CET +2)

Friday 17th March 

13:55 – Practice (45 minutes)

18:00 – Qualifying (30 minutes)


Saturday 18th March 

18:10 – Sprint Race (20 Laps or 45 Mins +1 lap)


Sunday 19th March 

16:15 – Feature Race (28 Laps or 60 Mins +1 lap)