Pressemelding: Hauger klar for Silverstone

To nye løp i Formel 2 venter denne helgen på Silverstone i Storbritannia. Dennis Hauger er klar. Les mer i denne pressemeldingen på engelsk fra Red Bull.

Jehan Daruvala‘s consistently excellent pace and Dennis Hauger‘s two wins at the last two rounds make them the obvious men to watch in the Red Bull Junior Team’s F2 campaign at Silverstone. Don’t count out Liam Lawson and Ayumu Iwasa who only need a touch of good fortune to be in the podium chase.

Daruvala likes fast and unique

I’ve really been looking forward to Silverstone,” enthuses the 23-year-old Indian.It‘s a track that I like very much. My favourite section is probably Maggotts-Becketts and Chapel. That sequence of corners is totally unique and really really fast.”

“It’s probably the most important section of the track as well because you can lose a lot of time there, the middle sector and that is where in Qualifying the driver really makes the difference.”

In terms of set-up, I think it’s a compromise track, not having too much drag but also having the downforce for the high speed corners.”

“It’s definitely going to be an interesting weekend. I think that we should be really strong and be able to fight for podiums and the wins in both races.”

Lawson wants to make his own history


“Silverstone, it’s a place I like a lot,” states the 20-year-old New Zealander. “It’s got a lot of history, a famous track and it is a unique track. I remember my first test in Formula 3 days, it was a very exciting experience and I think that in a single seater this track is perfect. It’s such a great place to drive, new tyres, low fuel in Quali, really pushing the limits, that’s a great feeling.”

“My favourite section would definitely be Maggotts-Becketts, turns, 10, 11, 12. That’s unique and in a high downforce single seater it’s an epic section to drive through.”


“That’s also a very important part of the lap as well when it comes to lap time. Having a good run through there is key, also having a good exit onto the long straight, very important for a good lap.”

“In terms of set-up, every team has got their own ideas and I have confidence that the Carlin guys will do a good job, we’ve been fast pretty much everywhere that we’ve been this year. The’ve given me a really good car and hopefully that will continue this weekend and we’ll put some really good points on the board, it’s about time.”

Hauger happy to be in the zone


“It’s a cool track, raced there in 2020 but obviously it’s a bit different in an F2 car,” explains the 19-year-old Norwegian. “I feel like we now have the rhythm and everything is settled in to tackle this track. We have our main aspects to work on this weekend, so looking forward to again getting those good points that we have been getting in the last few rounds!”


“Looking at the circuit I would say T6-7 is a cool combination in my view but obviously Maggotts and Becketts is the highlight of the track, being such a high speed and cool combination.»


“Because the track is high speed most of the time I would say it can be hard to set the car up for the low speed sections. You’ve got to have the confidence in high speed to maximise it which I think we have been good at this year, good in the high speed corners.”


“We’ve got to the stage where I start to know more what I want from the car, gaining experience race by race. But obviously the team has the baseline and we work our way from there in FP. Putting it all together, I think we have a good idea where we want to be going into the weekend.”


Iwasa looking for balance and confidence


“I’ve never driven before in Silverstone so it will be difficult but I have already been to tracks this year that I have never driven before the race weekend and still managed to have a good, competitive weekend,” says the 20-year-old Japanese.

“I think Silverstone is quite good for me because the track is quite flat and technical so is similar to Hungary and some tracks in Japan, so that’s good.”

“I don’t yet have a favourite section but looking at it I think that all the track is important, 50% low speed corners, 50% high speed. Both types will be really important.”

“I think that in the high speed sections I need good confidence to push the maximum and for the low speed I need to adjust the car balance by my driving and also directly. I think it will be really difficult to have the correct balance for both low and high speed.”

“So If the car is good in the high speed sections I may need to compensate with my driving in the low speed sections. The opposite could also be true. It will depend how the car is in Practice. I need to get good confidence in Practice as I must qualify well, that is what I need so that I can get the good result that has been missing from the last few events.”