Pressemelding: Mikkelsen klar for Belgia

Andreas Mikkelsen og Torstein Eriksen fra Team Norway håper å øke ledelsen i WRC2 etter helgens VM-runde i Belgia. Les mer i denne pressemeldingen på engelsk.

Mladá Boleslav, 18 August 2022 At Ypres Rally Belgium (18 21 August 2022), Andreas
Mikkelsen and codriver Torstein Eriksen aim for their fourth WRC2 victory of the season.
The Norwegians of ŠKODA Motorsportbacked team Toksport WRT start into the FIA World
Rally Championship’s ninth round as leaders of the WRC2 Drivers’ standings. In the WRC2
Junior category, ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo crew Chris Ingram/Craig Drew from Great Britain
are among the favourites.

After eight of 13 rounds, various WRC2 rankings are dominated by ŠKODA drivers. In the WRC2
Drivers’ overall classification, defending champion Andreas Mikkelsen from Norway (79 points)
leads Kajetan Kajetanowicz from Poland (76 points) and Emil Lindholm from Finland (64 points).
At the ninth round, Ypres Rally Belgium, Mikkelsen is chasing his fourth WRC2 victory of the
season. Sharing a Toksport WRT run ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo with fellow Norwegian Torstein
Eriksen, Mikkelsen already won the WRC2 category at Rallye MonteCarlo, Rally Sweden and Rally
Estonia. Kajetanowicz and codriver Maciej Szczepaniak drove a ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo of
LOTOS Rally Team to WRC2 victory at Safari Rally Kenya.

Reigning Finnish champions Emil Lindholm/Reeta Hämäläinen contributed the sixth WRC2 win of
the season for ŠKODA by taking top spot of the category at their home rally. The Toksport WRT
youngsters were declared WRC2 winners after the provisional winners were disqualified for a
technical infringement.

Lindholm also won the WRC2 Junior class at Rally Finland, promoting him to the overall lead in this
class reserved for drivers not older than 30 years. Lindholm (83 points) currently leads this
classification from three other drivers of ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo: Briton Chris Ingram (67 points),
Nikolay Gryazin (61 points) and Miko Marczyk from Poland (59 points). As each WRC2 competitor
can score points on not more than seven rallies, Lindholm decided not to take part in the Belgian
WRC round. That gives former FIA European Rally Champion and current WRC2 Junior runnerup
Chris Ingram the chance, to close the gap to his Toksport WRT teammate.

One of the fans‘ favourites is multiple Belgian champion Freddy Loix, with eleven wins record
holder at the former Ypres Rally. Loix is campaigning a
ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo of team
PTR Racing with codriver Pieter Tsjoen in the WRC2 Masters class reserved for drivers 50 years
and older. Loix is currently second in the WRC2 Masters classification behind Mauro Miele from
Italy. The driver of a Dream One Racing prepared ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo is not competing at
Ypres Rally Belgium.

Ardeca Ypres Rally Belgium itinerary:

Thursday August 18
Shakedown Nieuwkerke 7.34km (4.56 miles) 1601

Friday August 19
SS1 Vleteren 1 11.97km (7.43 miles) 1016
SS2 Westouter-Boeschepe 1 19.60km (12.17 miles) 1108
SS3 Mesen-Middelhoek 1 7.99km (4.96 miles) 1203
SS4 Langemark 1 8.95km (5.56 miles) 1253
Service Ypres 1318
SS5 Vleteren 2 11.97km (7.43 miles) 1516
SS6 Westouter-Boeschepe 2 19.60km (12.17 miles) 1608
SS7 Mesen-Middelhoek 2 7.99km (4.96 miles) 1703
SS8 Langemark 2 8.95km (5.56 miles) 1753
Service Ypres 1818

Saturday August 20
SS9 Reninge 1 15.00km (9.32 miles) 1013
SS10 Dikkebus 1 14.29km (8.87 miles) 1108
SS11 Wijtschate 1 15.00km (9.32 miles) 1200
SS12 Hollebeke 1 22.32km (13.86 miles) 1255
Service Ypres 1330
SS13 Reninge 2 15.00km (9.32 miles) 1513
SS14 Dikkebus 2 14.29km (8.87 miles) 1608
SS15 Wijtschate 2 15.00km (9.32 miles) 1700
SS16 Hollebeke 2 22.32km (13.86 miles) 1755
Service Ypres 1830

Sunday August 21
SS17 Watou 1 12.36km (7.68 miles) 0843
SS18 Kemmelberg 1 13.31km (8.27 miles) 0938
Service Ypres 1021
SS19 Watou 2 12.36km (7.68 miles) 1149
SS20 Kemmelberg 2 13.31km (8.27 miles) 1318
Podium 1500