Pressemelding: Seier til Hauger

Team Norway-fører Dennis Hauger vant lørdagens sprintløp i Formel 2 i Ungarn. Les mer i denne pressemeldingen fra Red Bull Junior Team.

Dennis Hauger took his second win of the F2 season with a superbly well-controlled and determined drive on Saturday, leading all the way.


Fellow Red Bull Junior Ayumu Iwasa chased home the 20-year-old Norwegian in Saturday’s Sprint Race. Then the 21-year-old Japanese took a fine 4th in Sunday’s Feature, holding off 18-year-old Frenchman Isack Hadjar with Hauger taking 7th.


Ayumu Iwasa fast in both races


“It was quite up-and-down for me through the weekend. The FP was quite a good start, actually, I was not so great at the beginning of the session but still, we were able to improve our performance from both the car side and the driver side. So that was good and again I was P1.


“In Quali, we missed the performance, honestly we do not understand what is the main problem, but we know the direction so we will try and improve our performance in the next round. The car balance was OK, we were just missing the speed, we need to find the solution.”


“Yesterday’s race was quite good, I could do my best performance on the track with good tyre management. So that is why I could make my fastest lap time in the last lap. That was a really good performance and the car was good.”


“Today was a little bit more difficult with the car. The car was quite difficult to drive, but still, we were able to gain positions. So it was OK but from today’s race we have some improvements to make.”


“We will try to improve it in the next race and I have some improvements to make from my side so we will try to put it all together. But through the weekend I am quite happy with these results so will carry on improving with the team.”


Dennis Hauger with a great win after a step and looking for more


“Qualifying was a step in the right direction. Although it’s not enough still. We need to be up in the top 5-6 to be able to fight for the bigger points. So we will keep working for Spa.”


“It will be difficult with some guys having rocket engines on that track but we will do our job and see where we are.”


“The race on Saturday was good, managed to squeeze by into T1 and from then on we just managed the tires well and kept the gap without stressing anything.”


“Race 2 today was a bit more difficult, mixed strategy ahead of me. Just didn’t get by the last prime runner which set me off a lot for the first set.”


“Managed to gain back six seconds on the guy in front after our pit stop but just really hard to pass around here.”


“Felt like we maximised the situation in the races. But we still have the step to make for Quali which I’m sure we can do. And when we fix that we can show our true race pace like we did on Saturday.”


“I will go to the Netherlands now for simulator training and work for Spa to push hard next week!”


Isack Hadjar on podium pace but blocked


“So Quali was a decent session, balance and pace in FP was quite good so I was confident heading for Quali.”


“The first run was OK, missing 2 tenths to the top 6 but I was only P12. Then going for the last run I managed to find a lot of time on my final push lap and managed to put myself in 5th!”


“There were a few mistakes here and there and the balance was not perfect so it explained why we were 3 tenths off but overall a positive session.”


“Race 1. Starting 6th, I had a poor start, lots of wheel spin and lost a place straight away. Later in the lap I nearly managed to overtake back but didn’t and lost another place in the process. So was back to 8th…”


“Then it was just a DRS train, and I couldn’t do a thing but wait for the cars ahead to fight or make a mistake but nothing big happened.”


“Race 2: The start again was not good, a shame because usually our procedure is really good but we didn’t nail it so I couldn’t benefit from the average start of Pourchaire.”


“Then I felt so much pace on the softs but I was stuck behind Pourchaire and sitting in his DRS but it was impossible to overtake.”


“The idea was to go long on these tyres but Pourchaire was just waiting for me to pit so he could pit too… so we had to try the undercut.”


“Unfortunately I didn’t manage to overtake him, it was close but not good enough. And additional to that, I lost 2 seconds behind a car that didn’t pit yet… Later I managed to finally overtake Pourchaire and nearly overtook Martins.”


“Then it was just pushing until the end and I had Iwasa behind catching on new Softs and I could fight and hold him for a bit but 3 laps before the end he went through but I still managed to stick to his DRS until the end.”


“So it was a P5 finish, but ideally a podium was really achievable if it wasn’t for being stuck behind Pourchaire the whole first stint.”


Enzo Fittipaldi making up for Qualifying on Sunday


“Obviously it wasn’t how I wanted the weekend to go,” admitted the 21-year-old Brazilian honestly. We qualified P11. Just missed out on the top 10. I just couldn’t find much pace in Qualifying.”


“In the Sprint Race we started 11th, finished 11th, very difficult to make any overtakes. It was basically a DRS train the whole race.”


“Today in the Feature Race we started 11th and had really good pace, were able to make good moves at the start and finished the race in 8th. It was a good drive, we were able to get in the points.”


“Obviously I wanted more, at the end we were really close, the guys in 5th and 4th were struggling a lot with their tyres. I think that if we’d had 2 or 3 more laps we could have made some decent overtakes.”


“That’s the weekend over here in the Hungaroring, looking forward to Spa next weekend and hopefully have a much better time there.”


Zane Maloney in a tough position after Qualifying


“Difficult weekend, Qualifying didn’t go our way unfortunately, and then the weekend is tough from there,” stated the 19-year-old Barbadian frankly.


“I need to regroup and be on it in Spa. We learnt a lot this weekend and we just need to consistently put it together as a team and then we’ll always be at the sharp end.”


“Going to train on Monday and Tuesday and get back to good form in Spa.”


Jak Crawford had just a little missing in Qualifying that cost a lot


“It was a really tough weekend,” stated the 18-year-old American. “Qualifying is very important round here. Practice started well, it seemed like we had decent pace. In Qualifying I made quite a big mistake in my first run, I didn’t get my references in and this hurt me on the second round. I wasn’t able to perform, I wasn’t able to put a complete lap together and it was just not good enough.”


“It just missed little bits everywhere and that added up and we were near the back. We knew it was going to be tough to score points from there but still hopeful of course.”


“Made a really good start in the Sprint Race and from there on it was quite a boring race, just following the car ahead in the train we had going. At the end of the race we all started to push a bit more, it got a bit more chaotic but no one was able to make any moves. So after the first lap, I was 14th and ended 14th.


“In the Feature Race, we started on the Option Tyre, with the soft compound, made a good start again, was looking good, fighting for just outside the top 10.”


“I think we made quite a bold decision to go early in the box and I think this hurt us a lot, I ended up battling a lot on my out lap and I think I damaged the tyre a bit and in some battles, I made some wrong decisions and lost some pace from that.”


“From then on it was a recovery and we ended up where we started, in 17th. I think that considering everything, even if it had gone smoothly it would have been difficult to score points. But it would have been nice to finish a bit higher.”


“I think that we have a lot to take away from this weekend and we really need to bounce back for Spa now.”