Stor suksess for The Solberg RACE

4500 prøvde seg mot Oliver Solberg i DiRT Rally 2.0. Les mer i denne pressemeldingen:

When 18-year-old Oliver Solberg first thought about running his own event on DiRT Rally 2.0, he dreamed of a thousand gamers joining him in Argentina.

In the end, more than four times than number came in an overwhelming show of support for the project. And the pace? The pace was incredible, with Australian Jarod Konig taking victory by 6.081s from Frenchman Jonathan Schaeffer. Predictably for the rally hotbed that is Finland, Jyväskylä wasn’t forgotten with Flying virtual Finn Marko Räisänen (resident of Neste Rally Finland’s hometown) taking third place.

The top three will all take away prizes including signed Oliver Solberg gloves and one of Petter’s exclusive TW Steel watches. In addition to the podium places, the Solbergs are also randomly selecting 10 further competitors to send prizes to.

“This has been crazy popular,” said Solberg. “When I started to plan this I was thinking: “It would be really cool if we could get close to 1000 people doing it. But you know 1,000 people is a lot.

“In the end we had nearly 4,500 people competing and that’s really a lot of people! I want to say a massive thanks to everybody for having a go and making this a great event.”

Solberg finished 18th after a late puncture dropped him out of the top 10.

“The competition was so close,” he said. “Those guys at the top were just amazing. Their speed was something else and I have to take off my hat to them. I have to work on this. I know what I am doing to try to make [stage] records, but I don’t know where they find this speed. I was very impressed, but now I need more recce time!”

Solberg is already considering another event – with more details coming next week.

“Why not do this again,” he said. “The reason we are doing this is to take people’s minds from what’s going on – to give them a distraction and something to be happy about. For that week, I think we did that and, if we can do it again, why not?

“But if we do another one, then I need to make a better recce. I need to find some more speed!”